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Well, Hello!

My name is Randie Jayne Bloomhall and I am the owner of

Boho Collective Company. 


I am originally from Iowa, but made beautiful New Smyrna Beach my home 5 years ago. Before relocating here, I took part in opening and growing a business where I created and executed a successful fashion boutique. Prior to that, the majority of my life I have been in the fashion retail industry and it is absolutely what I am the most passionate about and what my calling is for this life.

My Vision & My Dream

I am excited to bring a Bohemian / Gypsy style boutique to New Smyrna Beach. I believe the uniqueness of my space will bring the love of all kinds to experience it! Not only do we offer women’s clothing, but as it suggests in the name - it is a “collective” of all things I personally love. From self help books/journals, metaphysical items, fashion accessories, smaller home goods, to candles and incense/sage. 


I would love to meet all of you, so please stop in and say, “Hey!”

You won't be disappointed, because if anything you’ll at least make a new friend (me)! Until then… 


Be authentically YOU! 


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